Thursday, 13 November 2008

No, I didn't see Donald Sutherland

So, I returned home for a few days and then back to Italy. I loved feeling like a regular and seasoned traveller, and I dropped the fact, oh so nonchalantly, into as many conversations as possible.....but...... travel is all well and good if :-

a) it happens when expected

b) all your belongings arrive with you

c)your credit card isn't maxed out

d)you don't fly cheap with KLM

(this is a tale so dismal it does not need to be told, I am sure many of you have experienced some or all of the above)

on the upside it was Italy - did I mention that ?

Venice was ethereal, as ever, and even more flooded than usual, but tippy toes sufficed and wellies were not bought, Bellini, the artist and the drink, were given due reverence and the joy of wandering with no purpose revisited.

The true thrill of the weekend though was listening to a friend sing a Byrd Mass in St Marks on All Saints - not bad for an Anglican church choir - the "spinal shiver" was phenomenal, enhanced, perhaps, by the fact Comme des Garcons could have OD'd on in situ incense

Sad reality kicked in all too quickly on my return, the list of people in line for molten lead enemas is growing apace.......... was there ever a greater misnomer than "service industries" ?, and Lord knows, I am in a position to make that judgement, meeting the Great British Public at the sharp end on a daily basis....................


French Fancy said...

The word' Venice' jumped out at me whilst leaving a commment on Lucy Fishwife's blog. I'm going there in May (I know it's ages away but i need stuff to look forward to). It'll be my 4th trip but my first for over 25 yrs and I'm so excited.

We're going overnight on the train from Paris - no worries about KLM then :)

Lucy Fishwife said...

Welcome back! Hurrah about the good parts! Boo about the bad ones. Yes you're right.. "service industry" is hardly a good term - although I read somewhere that approximately 70% of Britons work in some form of customer-related field - surely we should all be MORE helpful and understanding as a result?

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