Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Today is less dynamic

Well, after yesterday's flurry of excitement today has been rather more relaxed. Snoozing has taken place.

In my head I want to look like this


or even this

I suspect it was more like this................with drool

Monday, 25 January 2010

Displacement Activity

Today was going to be the first day that I knuckled down and started to blog on a regular basis. Not regular as in once a month, or even once a week but words on a page (almost) every day.

So far I have :-

Twittered, a lot
Tidied my e.mails- all 11 pages in my in-box
Made bread - last done over a year ago
Hoovered behind the sofa - well I did do it in October when the new one was delivered
Updated my address book - using cards we received at Christmas 2008
Folded all the bedlinen - possibly never done before
Tidied my underwear drawer - mists of time
Cleared the lawn of dog poo - man's job
Ironed his shirts - it's 4 years since I last did any ironing
Transferred stuff from last years diary to this year's (and worried about that apostrophe)

Displacement activity ? Oh yes, but having made a start perhaps it will get easier.

If not, at least the house will be tidier.