Thursday, 4 December 2008

Snowflakes and sparkle

I did promise that the next post it would be "sparkly" - does frost count ? - soooo pretty this morning and the idiot hound who hasn't met snow before thought it was the most wonderful thing. He spent 10 minutes leaping around the garden looking like a manic hairy croquet hoop..........oh, another good thing about the snow - it hides the fact he has turned the lawn into a re-enactment of the Somme (that includes trenches, destruction of all natural vegitation and booby traps but fortunately no gun emplacements)

Other sparkly things today include the delicate frosting of icing sugar all over the kitchen floor, I might have done some baking, but didn't; a trail of glitter up the cellar steps and along the hall, where the Christmas decoration box "leaked" and the glint in my eyes, the sign of a woman who has spent way too long looking at the Tiffany website. It is, after all, a truth universally acknowledged that any woman in need of a Christmas present will look at Tiffany ((Holly was right, you know she was) and my apologies to Miss Austen.)

I have also been trying to find Christmas presents online and struggling with the "I like it too, so I'll get one for me" attitude, which tends to make my bank manager quite twitchy, luckily I don't feel the need for a personalised Stig poster or a set of glass drawer handles, so fairly safe there, but the V&A website is a bit tasty (and very sparkly) go and see, if you don't know it. For the love of God stay away from Amazon though, I get RSI clicking on the foreign DVD pages,
"I don't understand the language, I've never heard of the director or the actors but the precis looks good - oh look its only.............(insert a price here) I'll get that, always good to try something new."
And there you have it, the inner monologue that leads to the Marshalsea.


Lucy Fishwife said...

I love the Design Museum website too - all kinds of strange and lovely stuff. And all children/immature adults I know have been sorted with Now the only worry is where to get cheap Xmas stockings to hang picturesquely over the fireplace. I may even end up making them myself...

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