Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Joy of... Twitter, (no beards, I promise)

I have just had one of the most entertaining days that I can remember, all thanks to Twitter. I will be blogging at a later date, in a more serious way, about what there is to enjoy about the site, but this evening it is more a snap observation.

I travelled to London today to meet @SamAtRedmag for lunch. Previously we have only ever spoken through Twitter and of course I was nervous but it was as if I was meeting with a good friend who I have known for years. Off we went into the highways and byways of life, the universe and everything, children, jobs, partners, shoes, books were some of the things we chatted about. And Twitter, without which this meeting would never have happened. I had a wonderful time and I hope she did too. After lunch I trotted through Central London playing postman with books that are travelling around the country to new homes having been recommended on Twitter. (Something of a relief to unload the extra ballast, I was getting gibbon arms by then)

After that my feet (as I ever I was wearing totally unsuitable shoes) were screaming for mercy so I took a cab (yet more excitement, I'm in a cab, in London, I'm a grown up, I'm in London) to St Pancras where I met 3 more new friends at the St Pancras Champagne bar where we got giggly and irreverent. Thank you @suellewellyn, @mcdulwich and @misspinks for trailing across the city. I have been talking to all three since June this year and met them briefly when I was in London for the Plinth (of which more on another day, I promise) but today was the first time I was lucky enough to have an extended witter (rather than Twitter). It was marvellous fun, chatting to three witty, glamorous women . Such fun in fact that I very nearly missed my train. There was no way I could run in my shoes, so having made a dignified exit from the bar (smiling prettily at the delightful host), as soon as I was round the corner I kicked them off and sprinted, barefoot, to Kings Cross and threw myself back into reality.

So, here I am on the train, on the way back up North, having had a wonderful day and looking forward to meeting up again as soon as possible. National Express can look forward to an increase in their profit margins.

Afterword. Sunday, 1st November. Reading the above, I can tell just how much I enjoyed the champagne bar. The style is even more effusive than usual, but actually, I don't care. It was a day that was entertaining from start to finish. I had managed to leave my phone and make up at home having done a handbag swap, but I had my lap top so I could email and Twitter, don't panic, nothing is insurmountable. The beflustered, pink and piggy eyed woman was rescued with a complete makeover by the lovely Shanelle at Bobby Brown in Selfridges and I met some fascinating people. Not least the young lady on the train South who inspired me to go back to singing and the delightful gentleman on the evening train, a retired Professor of Economics with whom I had a conversation about Jesuit Art.

Life is for living, seize the day, step forward not back. All cheesy, all cliches, but Wednesday proved to me how true they are.

Oh, and the beard reference ? I am a child of my times, every time I see "Joy of..." I think "sex" and the hippy, freelurve illustrations in the first editions. Never play word association with me unless you can afford therapy.


Eva Maria Chapman said...

I am grateful for the promise of no beards. Those in 'Joy of Sex' really turned me off. I am fascinated by Twitterers meeting up as I plan to do so later this month. It's like turning virtual living into real living. Your experience is encouraging and validates India Knight's assertion that the Web is a great way for many people to be more 'real' and to receive and offer sisterly support. Good on you for posting today after India's article in the Sunday Times Magazine. I decided a while ago not to continue blogging as I knew it would take up too much of my time and saw that there were so many other fantastic bloggers out there. And I'm delighted that someone else takes off their shoes and runs for trains.

Nene said...

Lovely to see you posting again, even if your post fills me with envy to not have been there with you :-D

I've been eyeing your blog among my RSS feeds, willing a new post to surface.

And what an endorsement for those bloggers lucky enough to be mentioned in India's column today, eh?

Hope to see you *later this month*.

All the best,

justmeagain said...

Would so love to have been there to meet with you all! But never time! And of course we DO have the twitter party to look forward to, in just under three weeks time now!
This, by the way, is where my new blog is lurking!

shayma said...

yay, wish i cld have been there too. love the shoes. x

Wildernesschic said...

Thats such a coincidence as a couple of us Tweet/bloggers decided to try and meet up but its has gone askew we are going to try again January I am glad yours was a success I love champagne bars I always like to go to the one on Selfridges and people watch when I need a break for the hustle and bustle xx

Liberty London Girl said...

I take my shoes off to do sprinting too! LLGxx

So Lovely said...

How fun, wish I had been in London to meet you all. There really are some fantastic people out there. xx