Monday, 25 January 2010

Displacement Activity

Today was going to be the first day that I knuckled down and started to blog on a regular basis. Not regular as in once a month, or even once a week but words on a page (almost) every day.

So far I have :-

Twittered, a lot
Tidied my e.mails- all 11 pages in my in-box
Made bread - last done over a year ago
Hoovered behind the sofa - well I did do it in October when the new one was delivered
Updated my address book - using cards we received at Christmas 2008
Folded all the bedlinen - possibly never done before
Tidied my underwear drawer - mists of time
Cleared the lawn of dog poo - man's job
Ironed his shirts - it's 4 years since I last did any ironing
Transferred stuff from last years diary to this year's (and worried about that apostrophe)

Displacement activity ? Oh yes, but having made a start perhaps it will get easier.

If not, at least the house will be tidier.


Rose said...

this may be me later on- well minus ironing shirts. If procrastinating were an Olympic sport I think I could take the gold easily!

Helena Halme said...

This post made me laugh. More of the same, forget the ironing please!

Helena xx

Wildernesschic said...

House work is the most thankless task, I like making bread though and I actually enjoy ironing .. mad yes I know.. but much prefer to Tweet and blog x

Dee GF said...

Henri, your post *spoke* to me in so many ways.

I was resolved at the start of this year to blog once weekly. We are almost at January's end and I completed, er, one, the two which are on the boil are most certainly stewed by now.
Am seriously considering relocating to a treehouse in the Sierra Madre; the benefits of warmth, minimal leaf sweeping and eating food which requires no cooking are not to be sniffed at.
I also strongly feel that it is time to release the children back into the wild.
Good to see you back in fine writing form!

Titian red said...

Rose - procrastination is a much maligned art form. Practice makes perfect

Helena - thank you

Wildernessechic - Oh me too, is there any housework that doesn't have to be repeated ad nauseum ? Defeated before you begin.

Dee - Thank you, this is the pay off for giving up work. Silent One wants to see I am thinking as well as Tweeting !

Liberty London Girl said...

Congratuations! You have just completed the average tasks in a writer's day. Welcome to the world of advanced procrastination LLGxx