Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My Return from the Wilderness

It is 5 months since I last posted here. 5 months exactly and that is far too long to leave something I enjoy. I have no valid excuse either, if I were to put my bum on a chair and my fingers on the keyboard eventually something would appear, for heavens sake monkeys can write Shakespeare.

The trouble is I got spooked, since finishing work so "I could write" the blank page has hung over me, like a banner pointing out my pretentiousness. I got writer's block before I could even pretend to be a writer. It was easier to scurry off to daytime television and sock sorting, but finally the time has come to get my arse in gear. No longer can I pull a face like a horse in a thunderstorm, backing away, eyes rolling.
Empty screen you don't scare me....... Much.

I have lists of topics to ponder on, some may require thought, others are more Pooteresque ramblings, daughters, the fluff from ones navel found as you contemplate it and why there is never quite enough to knit a jumper, the loss of my Edinburgh virginity, trips to the great Wen. Even, if I'm feeling particularly brave, the joys of decorating with Geekdude or the fatal addiction of Twitter.

So here we go...... time to push the "Publish Post" button

Oh, and thanks to Doug Savage for the cartoon, he does some great stuff. http://www.savagechickens.com/


carolinefo said...

It's putting your toes back in the water that's the hardest part. Now that've you actually done it, the task will not seem quite so huge.

Kolay gelsin!

Which is Turkish for 'May it come easily to you.

Cath said...

A start is a start. May your creative juices flow freely Henri. X

Lucy Fishwife said...

Sorry, and you are? ....
Come back to London soon! xxL

Texanne said...

Five months is a long time, at that. What are you writing besides blog posts? Personally, I have a hard time with them, because I don't like writing about writing--but it's the only thing I know. The solution is silence.


Keep it up, tell the 'sphere how the WIP is coming along, or whatever seems interesting. Just came over from Twitter, BTW. See? BSP works! Now, back to the WIP. For both of us.

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