Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A New Discovery

I am a masochist, I had no idea of this before today, but it seems I am. Why else would I go to Ikea at half term ? The ninth circle of hell where parents go to loose their children, little old ladies turn into attack dogs and I empty my bank account.

This was meant to be a very quick run through, with a strict list to be followed, no deviation allowed.
2 additional shelves for my Billy bookcase
1 desk lamp
A plant
A pot for the plant
A waste paper basket

Unfortunately it appears that Ikea have changed the size of their bookcases and of course I hadn't measured mine before I left because I knew that I needed the long ones. Except the long shelves are now 80cms, not 60cms so they don't fit. I feel this adds insult to injury and I indiscriminately called down the wrath of all the Nordic gods I could think of ....
(Research suggests Baldur would be most appropriate of these deities as he was killed with a spear of mistletoe.We all know it was actually a splinter from a flat back) ...... sadly he was no help at all as I tried to ram the shelf into the offending bookcase.

And the list ? Yes, I fell off the list. In my trolley I found mini Daim, meatballs and some glasses, but that's the law, isn't it ?

No tea lights though.


katherine said...

No tealights? Are you sure you went to THE Ikea? I always end up buying 'storage' in a variety of whicker and plastic, the irony being that the 'storage' will end up stashed away in a cupboard somewhere...want a waste

Ruby Tuesday said...

There is no way you can stick to the plan in Ikea there is always a 100 things to distract you xx The Dime bars are divine xx

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