Friday, 4 November 2011

A little light frivolity

Yesterday I caught a falling leaf, no biggie theoretically, but it made me realise how long it is since I last laughed out loud. (Edinburgh a month ago, assisted by the marvellous @Shequeen, @AndreaGillies and some Viognier) This state of affairs must not be allowed to continue. Pleasure will be taken in small things.

My beautiful Zero teapot, which reminds me of a stout penguin

The view out of my window to soft golden sunshine, despite the fact the glass is smeared with kitten's paw prints

Knowing my purple suede boots can come back into use

Getting £3 back from the Halifax because I was brave enough to check my account and saw they had overcharged me, ditto my credit card company who I then convinced to pay for my call to complain about their service (I count this as a double-win)

Tiny, tiny pots of sparkly nail varnish

Baked beans on buttered toast, I'd forgotten how delicious they are. Similarly crumpets toasted in front of a fire with my fingers scorching because I haven't got a toasting fork.

In fact life isn't bad at all. Wish me luck, I'm going back in


Marcheline said...

It's my birthday! Party at my blog - cocktail weenies and whiskey sours for all! (Wear some of that great nail polish.) 8-)

Henrietta Bird said...

(Another go at leaving this)

Hello, I just wanted to say that your tweet about you and your dog sitting on chocolate peanuts made me do a snork noise on the train home yesterday.

Not much on the doom commute involves snorking noises so thank you!

As you say in this post, it's small things that are worth holding out for.

AJ :-)

PS: The sun came out as I was writing this - yayy - karma!

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