Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Joys of Self-awareness

Yesterday I went to Sainsburys to hand over a large chunk of money buying food to nurture my family. (A fair amount of which will no doubt be spurned, because, "there isn't an A in the month, you know I don't like that anymore, I don't eat anything yellow" etc, etc)
Just as I left the building to wrestle the bags into the boot I got a text from Girlchild requesting I purchase lots of Frijj Chocolate Brownie flavour milk as it was on special offer (GC works in Sainsburys and was going to be there herself about 4 hours later ) I decided not to bother even though she had, very kindly, explained how it would protect her from osteoporosis.
On my return home I was greeted by Girlchild and another Victoria Sponge. It looked heavenly, she has recently discovered a real talent for baking, and I began to fantasise about a slice of cake and cup of coffee.

"Where's the Frijj Mum ?"
"Oh, sorry, couldn't face going back in, can you get them when you're at work ?"
"No, no you know I can't, you know there's nowhere to put it, the shop will be shut when I finish........... white noise.......... high pitched squeaking............. right then, you can't have cake !"
"Errr OK, er sorry"

The cake continued to make it's siren call, but I ignored it, knowing the retribution would be long, loud and likely to result in "things being said....."

This morning Girlchild wandered in to see me and passed comment on the fact I had not eaten cake,

"No, you told me I couldn't"
"Oh, no it would have been fine........."
"Well, I just didn't want to make you cross"
"Cross ?"
"You can be a bit horrid sometimes ?"

"Of course I'm horrid - I'm an 18 year old girl"

Self-awareness on that scale I think guarantees a life that will be fully within her control.


Mrs Trefusis... said...

arrggh! That's so mean! I can't believe she refused you cake. Fabulous post: made me roar with laughter. I love your wry wit: always such a treat

Katherine said...

Fab...I would have done the same thing as you,just because it would have been taken for granted that the cake WOULD HAVE been ate - call their bluff y'see even though it is shooting oneself in the foot to some degree;) I'm at the stage with my 4 year old where he threatens things such as "I'm going to sit on the table until I get x,y or z"; I'm a bit mean so shrug, say "fine" and wander off...He'll get his own back one day

Claire said...

respect to you for avoiidng the cake!! And of course, she would have assumed it would be ok, it's a minor argument which blows over :) And baking is more fun when passing it on!!

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