Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Frenetic squeaking

Tomorrow I run away from all this, which means today is bedlam..... made worse by the fact I am going to be in Milan - home of the chic, slim and be-sunglassed maven. I have been hunting for a suitable bag to take (over the head, not over the arm) and so far I have edited it down to Laduree or Hobbs.
I have also been fighting hard with the desire to "get a little something new" here, when there is going to be so much to see in Milan and I suspect hideous temptation, although I will have to pluck up considerable reserves of courage to venture into these palaces of couture. It is not solely a retail lust fest as I have serious intentions of going back to the Brera, and already have my timed tickets for "The Last Supper
"..... last time I saw that I kept thinking of a rather soppy wax crayoning, so it will be interesting to see what the restoration has done for it.
Wish me luck, I'm off to bounce up and down on my suitcase, swearing horribly as I try to get it closed.

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