Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The inherited meme

I am uncertain of the courtesies of the blogosphere so I hope I am not treading on any toes here, the charming Lucy Fishwife semi-tagged me on a meme (pre-blog ownership) so I am going to do the deed !

6 Random things about me

I have a dangerous passion for shoes and chocolate. The best thing, even if I eat the chocolate, the shoes still fit

My bank manager does understand me......

Some years ago, whilst still an Art History undergraduate, I met Prince Phillip at a drinks party in Rome, (points for the subtlety of my name dropping ?) and, on learning what I was studying, he spent some considerable time discussing the finer points of Ancient Greek erotic art. He knew a great deal more than me.

I was a witch in a Birmingham rep production of Roald Dahls "Witches" - there are those who still loudly cry "typecasting !!"

One day I am going to run away to Italy

When all the other seven year old girls at school said they wanted to be nurses/teachers/mummies I caused some consternation by saying I wanted to be a bunny girl - hey I loved the costume.

Oooohh that was fun.......me,me,me,me meeeee


Lucy Fishwife said...

When I was working at W*terstones in Piccadilly we had a Royal Visit (genuine) - HMQ was on time everywhere and Prince Phil was 10mins late to the drinks 'n' canapes because he was trawling round the Erotica section. He's obviously a keen amateur...

French Fancy said...

Yes, that is indeed why I have shoes and chocolate love as well. It's the only bit of me - well my hands too really - that does not yoyo diet.

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fut coins said...

Indeed, that's certainly the reason why I've footwear as well as dark chocolate adore too. It is the just little bit of me personally -- nicely my personal fingers as well truly -- that doesn't yoyo diet plan.

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