Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I sully the virgin page.......

An explanation for the "quirky" photo - gifts from son after a trip to St Petersburg. I am still trying to work out why he felt this combination was appropriate, after all, Russia is full of vodka, and Faberge and icons and........... still one should never be ungrateful.
Perhaps the stole was an expression of my foxiness (hopefully not a comment on a slightly feral aroma) and the hat ? Well I do hats, and occasionally I have been known to fall into hissing megalomania, (although my urge for world domination is currently on hold)
Sadly, this leads me to conclude that in actual fact I have to present him with the "Well shopped award". I just wish he hadn't got me quite so accurately.


Lucy Fishwife said...

Excellent picture! - it has that whole glamorous 60s Bond-style Russian villainess look to it. Now you need a burly shaven-headed henchman to stand menacingly behind you saying nothing. And maybe a pet wolf. Welcome to the blogosphere!

Titian red said...

Ah, so you've met my husband - who no longer needs a razor for the shaven headed look, and is "burly" in a Winnie the Pooh sort of way, as for a wolf, does 9 stone of spotty Great Dane count ?