Friday, 13 February 2009

OK, why do we still act like teenagers ?

The lesson today is taken from "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell,
verses 1 to end ............

So, should I stay or should I go ?... check the letter box I mean.

Do I want "Romance" ? Probably not, but it would have been nice once. I am actually quite cross that my cynicism seems to be winning over my naivity.... oh, I want to be romanced, cherished, flattered and treated to fluffy fripperies - trouble is that people know where the bodies are buried so it won't happen......... unless the alter ego does get her chance. Lets wait and see. (Whatever happens it can't match the hideousness of getting a Valentine card from my mother " just in case you don't get one from anyone else" ! I was at an all girls boarding school, and it was 1973 - I leave the humiliation factor to your imagination (times at least 2 and you might be near))

My concession to Valentines Day... yummy shoes from Minna Parikka (mine are plain red) and I will be trotting about tomorrow smiling at my feet. What I really love about these is they can be burlesque or "proper" depending upon how you play it. Guess I'll have to wait and see how the mood takes me.

The last week has been quite a cultural beanfeast, courtesy 2 for 1 at Pizza Express, Orange and cheap last minute tickets. I have been to see "Benjamin Button" followed by a Siciliana, and "He's Just Not That Into You" with Soho. (Thats the pizza, not the buzzing hub of Londons' film and entertainment industry where I hope to be next weekend, hanging out with an Oscar winning CGI friend of mine - Myspace has a lot to answer for, I really am a sad starf****r, but hey a guy who does shopping !! ) BB was good, certainly had some thoughtful moments, and a legitimate excuse for a blub. "He's Just......." yeah it was fun, and not utterly chickflickery, while some of the "scenery" was very attractive. A nice combo of Alex James and Keanu Reeves (Don't worry Mr Norton I can never forget you)

There was also "Tosca" in Leeds, which was ermmm, soupy and shouty, I need more twiddlyness for true engagement; I suspect too, that any production would never measure up to the glorious description in "My Family and Other Animals", while tomorrow I am going to see "L'elisir d'amore" which I think will have a higher twiddly factor, and you have to admit is a good choice for the date ?

My feet are itchy (no, not the shoes) and I feel the need to do a Thelma and Louise..... maybe it's the lighter evenings, but I want to be alone and running for a bit (No, not wearing trainers running). Is that allowed when you have commitments ? When you are signed up to be a sensible grown up ? When you have no idea what is going on ? Answers please on a postcard - or in the comments column.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow, and there hasn't been too much shopping on the garage forecourt !

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