Monday, 2 February 2009


I have just lost University Challenge.......... every week I play, solo, by the rules, only going for the follow up questions if I get the starter question right, and this week I lost. Hate it.
So now I am trying to work out why I feel so fed up ........ ok I could say I missed the points because there were too many science based questions and not enough esoteric mythology, but I even messed up the Art History picture round. The shame !
However, I have a (feeble) excuse ........ I kept being distracted by various blogs, websites and of course Jeremy Paxman.

Note to self : it was Max Ernst not De Chirico - stupid woman


Lucy Fishwife said...

I regularly win QI, although I'd be the first to admit if I was actually live on air I would be reduced to a tittering moron. Ditto for The Book Quiz...

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