Friday, 13 February 2009

They are stealing my childhood...

Oh God - completely forgot to rant at length about current big BIG worry. They have made a film of my bestest book ever "The Little White Horse" by Elizabeth Goudge ( may be other books loved more and for better reasons but this is a special, first kiss sort of book)

Have they killed it ?

Can I go and see it ?

What if the pictures don't match the ones in my head ?

Why is the short, stout, golden man being played by Ioan Gruffudd ?

Why is the doglion black ?

and this, of course leads on to further neurosis

What am I going to do when they decide to film Joan Aikens "Dido Twite" books ?


Lucy Fishwife said...

I KNOW I KNOW and the reviews have been half-hearted at best. Why (as I've ranted many times before about many other unsuccessful adaptations) don't they just change it COMPLETELY and stop pretending it's even half-based on an original and superior book?

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