Friday, 3 July 2009

Apres moi le deluge

After a wonderful sunny week when I have sat in the garden tweeting and trying to turn my legs from milk white to Jersey cream, suddenly even the sunshade has had to multi-task. Monsoon conditions meant Harrogate was twinned with Hyderabad.
It is Wimbledon, what did I expect ?


Red Shoes said...

Oh my, your garden is so LOVELY!! I would love to have a garden like that. *sigh* Can I come over and sit in it?

Titian red said...

Of course you can, it would be wonderful to see you. Would also feed you lentils (food parcel imminent, just need to get to post office) x

Lucy Fishwife said...

Ditto. Will come and camp out in your garden. Would you like me to bring food parcel (frankly, all wee'll need are the obvious Laduree macaroons and some Campari, but if you hate Campari I'll bring ssomething else...)?

Titian red said...

Can do Campari, but current fave are Mojitos. Not sure they are compatible with Laduree (save them for pudding) so could do exciting griled morsels of loveliness. Don't need to camp either unless reach stage of unable to navigate the stairs.
WV fabulati - must be a sign