Friday, 3 July 2009

Full Volume

We live in a three storey Victorian house with the humans using the first two floors and the young colonising the top, so for ease of communication we bought one of those phone systems that can also be used for internal calls. Five handsets, all over the place, but two clearly defined for BC and GC.

BC has lost his handset, we know it has to be in there somewhere. Under the heaps of "War Hammer", clothing, bedding, books and uni notes there is a phone. Trouble is, it is no longer charged ("not sure where the stand is") so we can't take the easy way out, hard work is going to be involved. Then, last night, to add insult to injury BC wandered through and in the most casual of tones enquired if we had seen his mobile which, in moments of duress, has been used as a substitute.

Now I do appreciate, in the scheme of things, this isn't really a problem. We have stairs and voices, communication is not impossible, but, inevitably voices will be raised to do this, shoutiness will be employed. Messages will be ignored, accusations will trickle back and forth.

Situation normal


Anonymous said...

What you need is the two tins and a piece of long string telephone system

justme said...

You could just e mail him! Assuming he has not lost his laptop too.....

Titian red said...

Thank you both for ideas, I used to love yogurt pot telephones although corners were a problem.
Hadn't thought of email, probably best way to contact BC who is welded to technology.Hooray, problem solved