Sunday, 16 August 2009

Long walk and little things.

There really was a feel of Autumn in the air today, leaves are beginning to turn, berries are showing colour and the fungi are more plentiful. Most of all there is that damp musty scent in the air, how are we heading into Autumn without a Summer ?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lovely pics. I thought Autumn was on the way earlier as well. Apparently, we're in for a heatwave later this week. Summer's last hurrah ?

Where were the photos taken BTW ?

Titian red said...

Thank you. I took them in a small wood outside Harrogate where we go most weekends with the dog. Never seen anyone else there and I am beginning to become worryingly possessive about "my" woods. Has been fascinating going to the same place and watching the seasons change.

Miss Whistle said...

It's so strange that Autumn is almost here. So, apart from a blast of sunshine in June, you've had no summer in England? That's terrible. Perhaps September will bring clement weather and you can pick brambles in the sun.

Your pictures are beautiful.

-- Miss W x

Lucy Fishwife said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. What kind of camera are you using? x

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