Wednesday, 21 January 2009

At last... the day off

I yearn for my Wednesdays, every one is for me.... just me, no housework, plastic food for supper and only enough of the "have to" stuff to make me feel virtuous (or clear sufficient paperwork off the dining room table to eat at it !)
Today, rather than disembowel my handbag, which is way too scary I shall itemise the table contents (you knew there was a reason you read this blog didn't you ?)

A large plant - indeterminate variety, seeming to exist solely to feed kittens.
Daughters hideously expensive camera perched precariously near the edge.
Another I camera I don't recognise at all
4 Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped and posted.
Italian homework laid out such that I feel I'm doing it.
17 CDs none of which have a case
8 CD cases none of which have a CD
A skirt I was making, that I got cross with but hasn't as yet been stashed under the spare bed.
My last Amazon order ( Casanova, The Libertine and Love in the Time of Cholera)
Several coat hangers
My sons wash bag plus contents - he went back to Uni last Saturday and so far doesn't seem to have noticed it's missing.

Well I like a challenge !

(Please reassure me, there are others out there who make the collection of detritus a necessary part of being)

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