Thursday, 29 January 2009

I have been tagged by the lovely, and very funny, RedRum and I am to entertain you with ten honest and interesting things about me.

Long pause for thought............................

1. I am still in denial about being 50, and it's only 9 weeks until I am the age that dare not speak its name

2. I first started on the internet on MySpace with the alter ego of a 23 year old (long, long story which I may admit to one day) and yes, thank you, I do realise that is the sort of thing the Daily Mail writes headlines about.

3. I was outed because I knew too much about the Clangers....... but actually I don't care.

4. I have a passion for Italian art, film, food and shoes - finding the language bit more of a struggle. (In fact if anyone needs input on C17 Jesuit Iconography I'm your man.)

5. I broke my back when the horse I was riding and I went in opposite directions (he thought a paper bag at the bottom of the hedge was a tiger) The good thing about the accident was it did give me a chance to develop a lifetime aversion to daytime television (Neighbours is on in the early evening)

6. I love singing but can never remember lyrics or titles so spend a lot of time annoying people going " you know, it goes la laaa la dada". At least you get a score for classical stuff.

7. I am Edward Nortons paramour - oh hang on....... that isn't true.

7b. My favourite television programmes when I was a child included The Pogles, The Clangers, Noggin the Nog, Captain Pugwash and Robinson Crusoe but The Owl Service scared me so much I still haven't read the book.

8. I "wore" a prawn on the front of my wedding dress for most of our reception (It was in the days when a buffet would be decorated with prawns still in their coats, and its legs had got caught in my lace bodice) When confronted the silent one said he "thought it was meant to be there" !

9. I adore my children but I am already saving for the therapy I fear they will need.

10. I am finally going to get staples in my midriff .... well not exactly, but my photograph is going to be in the next issue of "You and Your Wedding" - I even had to sign a model release form !! Another long story relating to low self esteem, a love of burlesque and an amazing photo studio which I will post one day, but just wanted to have a little boast, out loud, in public....


Brother Tobias said...

I'm still laughing at the prawn!

Lucy Fishwife said...

A friend of mine once spent the evening with a peanut in her cleavage. I can't believe she didn't notice it was there, but evidently she didn't...

Red Rum said...

AU CONTRAIRE, my russet one, VERY interesting indeed! The prawn is PRICELESS and I DEMAND further details of the MySpace thing...

And I can't stop worring about your catherine wheel of a pooch, either.

Titian red said...

BT - So is the silent one, and I am almost at the stage of managing a wry grin

LF - Oh one can loose all sorts, olives, cigarettes, small children (quite often mobile phone, as at least I know where it is then....)

RR - Mmmmm Myspace, the sort of sin that requires a "run up", ok at some point I will reveal all. Hound is fine and dandy, snow is considered best thing ever and he has spent happy hours shovelling it round the garden with his nose.

screamish said...

hilarious...on myspace with a younger alterego. that gives me bad ideas.

Lucy Fishwife CLAIMS a friend spent an entire night with a peanut in her cleavage but I put it to the court that it was in fact HER!

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