Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Yup, it really is the New Year

Far too long has passed since I last wrote, and not for want of excitement that deserved to be recorded (even if it didn't merit reading). The only excuse is sheer, darned laziness - I could blame Christmas, work and New Year, but hey, you all have that excuse,so truth will out.

A precis would have to include...

An Italian exam - now I can buy not only ice-cream and wine but high heeled red shoes (size 39) with confidence

A trip to Paris immediately before Christmas (fuelled with Diazepam as my brain had fallen out of my ears) which culminated in me singing Edith Piaf songs in a piano bar at 2am with a friend from school who I hadn't seen for 30 years ! (Way past my bedtime, and paid for in full the next day........... at what point did anyone else lose the capability to process alcohol ?)

Grief from the young who resented me running away (again...........said with much eye rolling), and the concomitant whinging

"but what about Christmas",

"how will we eat",

"why do you get to have fun?" - replies which may be useful for others in a similar situation included

"I'm back on the 23rd - last time I checked Christmas is the 25th"

"First you get food out of the freezer, then you cook it"

"Spending my money that otherwise I would have to spend on you"

(in actual fact I was detailed to buy my presents from the young whilst in Paris and mug them for the money on my return..... and they did remarkably well, Boychild got me a Paperblank diary, and Girlchild some purple suede gloves - well shopped children !)

Christmas went surprisingly well, I tend to view anything multigenerational, with expectations of pleasure attached as likely to implode messily, but apart from the mental stoicism required NOT to kill my sister ( new Louboutins) or her son (nutted my boy in the nether regions because he "likes the face Will pulls when I do it") I think I can cope with it all again this year.

And now... back at work, ducking germs our patients seem determined to share and plodding rather, thank God for other peoples blogs, books and a glass of red wine now and then, it seems a long haul until daylight ...........


Lucy Fishwife said...

My Christmas involved my lovely mother-in-law (with bad leg), Mr Fishwife (with the much aforementioned flu), my friends Stel and Vik (with flu), their sister and French brother-in-law (who has never heard of Abba and can't sin along to "Dancing Queen", unlike EVERY OTHER ADULT IN THE WORLD), their three kids and a nervous wreck of a border collie. Why is the Christmas period referred to as a holiday????

Lucy Fishwife said...

Obviously I meant "sing along to" rather than the far more intriguing "sin along to". Bet he could manage that, being French.