Friday, 12 June 2009

Call me Fagin

More evidence of bad motheritis and although I suspect many of us are guilty of this sin, not many of us (possibly just me) are foolish enough to announce it in a public forum.

Cast your mind back to times spent with young male students, (go on, you know you can if you try, the therapy won't be too bad.) and remember the laundry basket.

There seem to be two types of YMS, the "I looked at it so it needs washing again" or the "I have peeled it off and it's standing in the corner over there" variety, both generate vast, daunting heaps of washing. Boy child is a member of the former group.

The following is a direct reporting of a conversation that took place over three days on his return from uni.

"Have I got your washing yet ?"

"Oh, er, right, er, what ?"


"Washing ?"

"That stuff on your floor covering the carpet"

"Oh, yeah"

"Well can I have it please ? I want to get it going"

"Ooh, washing, ok, er what wants washing ?"

Things are becoming a little terse by now

"Bedding, clothes, more clothes possibly. I'm not actually certain BC as it is your washing, oh and don't forget to check your pockets"

"Pockets, why ?"

"Because the best way to ruin a memory stick is for it to go through the machine, and if I find any money it is mine" (I find it best to try and speak his language)

"Oh, K"

Time passes, dynasties fall, Big Brother is cancelled.

"Have I got your washing BC ?"

"Now ?"

"FFS BC, yes now, and check your pockets !"

Like a slow moving torrent the clothes made their way downstairs

"Thanks BC, so, everything here ?"

"Er, yeah, well I don't know, guess so"

"Have you checked your pockets"

"Oh God Mum you do go on......"

"So, you have checked ?"

And that is how I came to be in possession of £15.


justme said...

You DESERVE that £15!!! LOL

Stevey said...

I reckon you can rightfully claim that £15 as spoils of war. Well done!

Anonymous said...

What IS it with these nearly-grown-and-flown kids and laundry? My DD is 22 and produces a copious amount of washing every single day. She also never checks her pockets, but I've never collected as much as you did! Not yet, anyway.

To be fair, she has on occasion offered to do the laundry herself, but I do like collecting her change for my parking meter fund, so I prefer to do it myself. Just not every single day.

Anonymous said...

you earned that fair and square and don't let anyone tell you different x

Titian red said...

Much heartened by all your comments. there I was thinking I would be cast into outer darkness, but no, applauded for low cunning v. rank stupidity that allowed me to buy 2 new books. Hooray