Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mother: Job description: Psychic Powers an Advantage

I have been ticked off. Girlchild is currently working fairly random hours, if Sainsburys require some overtime she will step up and I admire her for this, although I have noticed that immediate financial gain seems to be a far higher motivation than the fact exam revision will enhance results

All this overtime makes her attendance at mealtimes variable, so I have been doing food for us and allowing her to snackerel when she gets home. Theoretically not a problem, although I question the nutritional value of anything she makes herself. Sainsburys value pack flavoured noodles and 2 rolo puddings would not receive the approval of the food Tsar.
Anyway, this evening she got in at about 10.30pm.
"What can I have for supper Mum ?"
"Didn't you get anything at work ?"
"No, I couldn't see anything I fancied"
(This is a fairly large Sainsburys, my heart sank)
"Eeermm what would you like ?"
"I don't know"
"Well, there's some chicken, or I could do scrambled egg, an omelette ?"
"No, you know I don't like eggs"
"There are some fishcakes in the freezer"
"No, don't feel like that"
I'm becoming slightly tetchy by now
"Toast, cereal, bacon sandwich, cheesy toast, pasta with smoked salmon ?"
"Well, what would you like ?"
"I don't know..........why don't you ever buy something I want ?"
"I don't know GC, I am perplexed that I cannot find things you would enjoy, when you don't know what they are yourself........................"
There was a tut and a flounce and she was gone.
I am a bad mother, I have allowed my psychic powers to fall by the wayside. I blame Twitter.


carla_fern said...

Do we have daughter clone??? Mine moves into Res this Fall and luckily will have wide selection of food to turn nose up at. Am fairly sure I will be blamed and subsequently emailed or texted for all food misadventures, for picking bad Uni, Res and anything else that bothers young scholar. Still, wouldn't trade her in for the world. xo

Titian red said...

Exactly, mine was running away to London to go to art college but has suddenly realised it don't come cheap, so will work here and then go to "hang out" with friends in NJ and Seattle before going down. Suspect she will eat anything she can get by then !

Maternal Tales said...

Oh yes - We have this in our house too. The problem is one day something will work and the very next day it won't. My psychic abilities leave a lot to be desired too obviously!

Motherhood The Final Frontier said...

Mine do this to me - Five refuses everything but complains a lot and Two throws all substandard offerings at me. However, I feel responsible as I also never quite know what I want to eat and feel markedly ambivalent towards all kinds of food, driving my spouse and all waitstaff completely bonkers, so I suppose it's a kind of karma.
My condolences. It is maddening.

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