Monday, 22 June 2009


I love Monday mornings.

Radical concept I know and one that is bound to upset St Bob, but it's true. No work until 12.30, time to come to my senses gently, drink coffee, catch up on blogs I read, quick glance at Twitter. Then, maybe, have a coffee. A bit of light housework, you know, where you straighten a couple of heaps, pack the dishwasher and hang up coats. Have a coffee.

Enjoy a shower, fiddle about with hair, have a coffee, check Twitter (where are you all ?) Oh, hang on, better iron a shirt. Nip to the butchers to get the poor dog a bone. Have a coffee.

By midday I have decided I hate work, I can't cope, I'm too stressed and I feel slightly sick. Despite saying I was giving up I light a cigarette to have with my last cup of coffee.

I'm shaking.

It's like first day back at school I'm so twitchy.

Is work really that bad ?

Nope, work is fine.

Suspect the caffeine hit may be to blame though.


Eva Maria Chapman said...

I like the way you tidy up. Makes me feel a lot better. Tea is my constant companion- though I do often force myself to drink mint or verbena from the garden. Bleugh.

Lucy Fishwife said...

I spent ages trying to work out why the one cup of coffee I have every morning left me so twitchy - then realised it was also the large milkshake (protein powder, soya milk, blechhhh blechhhhh, India & Neris diet) which I stuck a hefty tsp of coffee in to make it palatable. I think it worked out as the equivalent of about 4 espressos. Nice though!

Titian red said...

EMC I can't even claim years of practice, the dangerous combination of laziness and extraneous possessions creates opportunities. Always be very careful if you pull a chair from under a table, there will undoubtably be a precarious heap on it.
LF-W The judder of caffeinne is a wonderful thing BUT 4 expresso ? Lordy girl. You still doing P2T ? I applaud you.

Anonymous said...


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