Friday, 19 June 2009

The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners is a truly vulgar, yet wonderful comedy on Channel 4 that follows the lives of four young men in their final year at school. It has all the stereotypes, a geeky one, who carries the burden of being posh, a sweet one, a dim sporty one and the little horny one. There is a Mum everyone fancies (except her son, thank God, Channel 4 not 5), a bullying teacher and "the first car". The various mishaps they encounter are exactly those that we remember ourselves and are reliving with our own pet teenagers.

I feel quite "young and hangin with the kids" because I found the programme all by myself, probably during a late night Twitter and rapidly decided it was worth watching every week. I told the young about it, I recommended it to my friends, (in the context of a Natural History programme,) and every time we met up we would talk about which of us remembered doing what, whilst worrying if our children were doing it now.

Then, oh then, the rumour started. GirlChild came home from work on Tuesday. "The guys from "The Inbetweeners" are coming to Revolution on Thursday, don't even think about going"

I pretended I hadn't heard and rang bestest friend to tell her. We talked about what we might wear, mutton, lamb, mutton, lamb ? Could we go very Mumsy as a "humorous" yet ironic take on our age ?

It was all in vain, respective daughters got first dibs, our night out was vetoed, we were the new inbetweeners.

They think we are old, we know we aren't

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justme said...

Will have to buy on HOPELESS at watching anything on TV and invariably have to get DVD later. This sounds just up my street!