Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The bliss of an empty mind

My usual Wednesday includes meeting lots of my friends for "catch up" and can even involve two lunches, and certainly far too much coffee, by the end of the day I am often as bug eyed and twitchy as a meerkat.

Today I had deliberately kept my diary empty. The decision was made, a lie-in was in order, lolling in my pit with Kate Atkinson (not actually K.A. I hasten to add, before I get involved in litigation, just her latest paperback) A blissful shower during which no one turned on any taps or flushed loos so I escaped the "invigorating" temperature change . I did give the kitchen a cursory tidy, enough to feel lightly virtuous, and then to Sainsburys where I hardly forgot anything, certainly not enough to warrant a second trip ! The joys, the joys.

This afternoon I lazed on the sofa watching 2 rom-coms back to back and Mistresses. I read and caught up with bloggery. Sadly there were not bronzed youths fanning me with ostrich feathers and feeding me with Turkish Delight, but even so it has been a pretty fine day.

I love my friends dearly but sometimes it is so wonderful to be silent and unsociable.......... next week back to harum scarum.


Cassandra said...

Oh TR, it sounds wonderful. Absolute, sheer bliss. I know that I shouldn't wish the childhoods away but I'm so looking forward to a little bit of time. Which rom coms? And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mistresses. Can't believe that the series has finished so quickly, it's just flown past! Cx

Lucy Fishwife said...

That's a very enterprising and energetic day compared to mine - I usually head straight to the sofa. Sainsburys only if absolutely necessary as I have a bet with myself that I can spend the entire day indoors without ever once setting foot outside. Or if we've run out of milk. The sad truth is, however, that often Mr Fishwife "works from home" (ie watches rugby on iPlayer in pyjamas) and, on my precious days off, have to share the sofa with him and justify my presence by making a pretence of emptying the dishwasher or similar.

justme said...

Sounds lovely! Some 'you' time......

Titian red said...

Cassandra - the films were Perfect Strangers and My Bosses Daughter, neither great literature but both splendid tosh ! As for Mistresses I hadn't realised it was the last episode - talk about leaving us on tenterhooks !
LF - Driven to Sainsburys solely by greed and the need for something to snackerel but wasn't sure what ..... otherwise would have been a day of complete self indulgence
JM -without "me time" it gets a bit too easy to forget who you really are, and then things get wobbly don't you think ?

Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

An empty diary is bliss.
Wish I could have an empty email inbox too though.

But a lay in, Kate Atkinson, rom coms, bloggery and chilling does sound rather nice indeed.

Hello from Switzerland by the way.