Monday, 30 March 2009

Boychild and the frazzled mother

I was really excited about boychild coming home, yay for boychild etc, etc. That was 48 hours ago.
Reality has kicked in.
(Please remember while reading this post that I was a perfect teenager/student and caused my parents no grief whatsoever)
OK, first up - seven loads of washing
By Sunday evening 7 pint glasses had disappeared into his room but not returned (this did not stop complaints that there were no clean, large glasses - it did result in me having a dead leg, but
that is just too complicated to explain other than it wasn't his fault)
Monday morning - I had a long conversation with boychild about the importance of him attending his dental appointment at "2pm, yes, that is two-o-clock, yes, this afternoon, today.... " It wasn't a complete surprise to me when I got a phone call this afternoon, at ten past two, asking me what time his appointment was. When I remonstrated with him I was told that when I spoke to him this morning he was actually asleep ?? WTF ?
There is no blood on the carpet but I am counting
the days............


Cassandra said...

Ahhhhh...have all this to look forward to! How long is the boychild home for?

Londongirl said...

Cassandra takes the words out of my mouth. Have all this to look forward to! Is it the influence of all the social networks, I ask myself- after all, we were such perfect students etc, weren't we?! On a lighter note, did you see the flattering comments about your blog & others (Belgian Waffling, Jacob Wrestling, Mrs Trefusis, Libertylondongirl) in a recent post in The Johnson Diaries-Life on the Edge at Hilarious like yours & I’m hooked too.

Titian red said...

C - boychild is here either until 18 April or until food runs out - whichever is sooner, I complain, but it is fun, I actually enjoy this much more than I enjoyed diddlys, they were so random and scary ! (Maybe I was just too much of a toddler myself then to cope !)

LG - See above, the parental whinging continues I'm afraid, but at least I can have a glass of wine without worrying about the early morning call now ! Thank you so much for your comment, and the heads up on Johnson Diaries, I have just posted a belated "thankyou" there too