Monday, 30 March 2009

So, how wet can you get ?

Finally the weather was warm enough to bath the dog. After an increasingly frowsy winter it was time to degrub the beast. It is not fun. No fun at all. Well not for those of us with opposable thumbs anyway.

This is the penalty you have to pay for having a dog too big to fit in the bath, and even if he did, too big to be allowed upstairs whilst wet.

First you fill an old tin bath with hot water

Then you find towels you don't care about

Then you argue with each other about whose turn it is to wash the nether regions

Then you find the dog

Then you convince the dog he wants a bath

Then you convince the dog he wants to come outside with you. (This is one of the times opposable thumbs begin to show a purpose)

Dog, outside, suitably haltered, glares and moans.

(This is when I remember I should have changed into jeans and found my wellies)

Throw a lot of water about in a fairly random way (Hope some gets the dog)

Get soapy

Get dog soapy (trying to accept the fact you got the D's B's)


Rinse more

Rinse ad nauseum

Then you run - a long way, a long, long way before the dog shakes himself, and if sensible you run into the house closing the door behind you, before the dog decides to come and sit on your lap and tell you all about it.

Personally I would prefer the tin bath to look like this


The Real Domestic Goddess said...

Can beat that. When last showered my dog (he won't go near a bath AT ALL) he rewarded me by rolling in the kids sandpit until covered in yellow sticky sand (he is meant to me a black lab). I was so happy I cried!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Catching up with you is fun - can't remember the last time I tried to bathe a dog, but that's just about the perfect description. M :-)

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