Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers Day and hubris

So, there I was, thinking I wasn't doing too badly as a Mum now - hasten to add I was all time appalling champion of bad motherdom when mine were young, but now - communication takes place, I am allowed out with older offspring and his friends (very occasionally) and even girlchild says thank you sometimes and the disdainful lipcurl is seen less often.
But today, humph... I was given an orchid (to replace the one eaten by her cats), but with no more than a "here, oh, btw, can I have the car later, I'm not going to be in this afternoon now" and no card.................. at all...................... from a creature doing graphics !
Boychild did ring, (not quite spontaneously, as I had marked today on his calendar, when I visited him last week, with a thick black marker pen. I am not known for subtlety). He did then admit that he would appreciate further funding having bought himself sandals (he is disinherited) and some Tommy Hilfigger swimming trunks (he is no longer my son). Mothers Day is full of surprises isn't it ?!

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