Thursday, 12 March 2009

Who watches the Watchmen - that'd be me....

Well, what tales to tell ? It has been a good week, the temptation to kill people has been at Defcon 4, which for me is very acceptable, (probably very acceptable to the NHS as well ), a sash window has been removed, reglazed, repaired and replaced all in the space of a single afternoon, albeit the afternoon with horizontal sleet, an day was spent at "Spooons" hanging with my boys (sorry) and a trip to London looks as if it is going to happen.

For those who haven't already lost the will to live, details as follows.

Dogs/windows and windowcleaners make a lively combination. Digger decided that naughty, rude windowcleaners should not, under any circumstances, be allowed to even look at his windows. Nobody told the windowcleaners this, so dog went through the window to tell them himself. Silent one decided he knew how to mend this destruction, and he did. Unfortunately it is a long, painstaking job, more unfortunately it had to be done when the weather was testing its full Northern repertoire, from damp to f**in' freezin'. This time even lying on the sofa under the newspapers wasn't enough to save me from the chill. I took to my bed.

On Wednesday I went to visit boychild at Uni, and gathered a tribe to go for beer and a burger at Wetherspoons. (yum). Some of his fellow students I knew from school, others are more recently acquired friends, and had apparently requested the opportunity to meet me. Whether this is because I sound utterly fascinating or because they want to meet the woman who made boychild the man he is (saving for therapy as we speak) I don't know, it may even have been the offer of food and beer - "surely not?!" I hear you cry - It would appear that I have agreed to accompany one young lady, who is reading languages, on a train journey across Spain to catch the ferry to Morocco where we will lie on flat roofs, draped in white linen, smoking sheesha pipes and channelling our inner Talitha Getty (Don't worry, I will explain who she was to the young !).

Oh, Oh ! went to see "Watchmen". Loved it, numb bum at 3 hours, but still very good, my only criticism would be the marriage between reproducing the graphic novel, and the morality tale with huge special effects was a little clunky. It has also enabled me to find my new fantasy me, Silhouette, a superhero from the 1940's, gorgeous costume and cheekbones to die for. Actually the only picture I could find makes her look like the bastard lovechild of Adam Ant and Michael Jackson.

but see, we could be sisters ?

Cassandra has tagged me for a Me!Me!, so shortly you will be treated to a list of why I am happy with my lot. Hope I don't have to think too hard, but the Empress is tired, she must leave you now ...........

Until tomorrow


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