Monday, 23 March 2009

Libby's back

go on then - that'll sort the sheep from the goats !

Be warned though, admitting you know what this is about may be considered a matter of deep shame, hinting at a need for cultural rehabilitation.


Jaywalker said...

LIBBY KENNEDY? Really? She must be like, 45 and haggard as hell, no?

Yes, I have no shame.

French Fancy said...

And I don't even know who she is. Have I been away from civilisation too long?

Lucy Fishwife said...

But she's dead! Then again, so are Locke and Jack's dad, and that doesn't seem to have stopped them. Hurley will be happy (I love Hurley).

Lucy Fishwife said...

.....PS Was I right? Do I get a prize? Or have I just lowered myself badly in your estimation?

Titian red said...

Libby Kennedy, in Neighbours, had a headectomy recently and her part was taken by a different actress - well the real one is back, in time to get married for the second time, I suspect she must be about 30 now and looks younger.
To have no knowledge of Neighbours is not something to worry about - quite the reverse in fact, it saps the brain and turns it to the equivalent of yesterdays cous-cous.
As for Lost, sadly I stopped watching at the end of series 2, when I got very, very confused and decided it was utterly inappropriate to continue lusting after Sawyer as he is the spitting image of my son - my name isn't Jocasta !