Thursday, 2 April 2009

Advice please...

OK, it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm going to be 51, except last year was so appalling, for many reasons, I thought I would have my 50th again this year, sort of second try, buuuuuut, actually I'm not that keen on the real world knowing at all and so it is not having any publicity.

However, I will be quite upset if people (eg the offspring) forget. Answers on a post-card please

ps. I know this reads very "little miss contrariwise" but I'm feeling old, crotchety and raging with PMT


Cassandra said...

You've GOT to remind them, if you haven't already. Unless the silent one has made them get their acts together. I hope that you get the earrings, they are LUSH.

Kitty said...

I too am red-headed (and that's naturally redhead) and I also turned 51 this year, (1 Feb.) My children didn't need prompting, luckily, and I hope yours did not either, in the end.
My birthday swag consisted of hand-drawn cards and really nice chocolates and NO bickering for the day, (which lasted until about noon.)

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