Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Brain Food. Week 2

From the top down

A Moomin tribute

Carol Ann Duffy from a friend to widen my horizons

Linda Grant bought because I enjoyed "The Clothes on Their Backs"

Lush architectural yumminess, a birthday present from boychild. (He really can take a hint that boy !

Ooyay - one of those ones where you play on Amazon and think "Oh yes, why not ?"

The two hardbacks were birthday presents from my Mother. Now I understand the Paxman, good choice. But the WI book ? The paranoia kicked in there and I'm afraid I took it as a subliminal criticism of my domesticity (or lack of it). Last year she gave me "Mrs Beeton" but obviously, as I still have no staff, she feels I need the "D.I.Y" option. Oh well, off to find my pinny.


Nora Johnson said...

Please don't let your mother anywhere near my next post if, in the light of her choice of hardbacks, culinary success has an equally high priority as domesticity!

I only mention this as I'll be revealing, for all to judge, the results of my first-ever attempt at hot X buns this weekend using recipes described by esteemed fellow bloggers.

And as I've warned others, the pix won't be a pretty sight nor for the faint-hearted. Or mothers...

Perhaps best if I stick to BRAIN food in future...

P.S.Hope you like the Paxman as much as I did! Always interesting & provocative.

Titian red said...

Now cooking I can do - greed is a great help, but general housework defeats me, I subscribe fully to the neater heap system and if it needs ironing "there's the iron"
Looking forward to HotX buns

Gorilla Bananas said...

Housework is something you should hire a chimpanzee to do. A full-bodied female should have better things to do with her time.

Anonymous said...

Sod the housework, enjoy the books,


Titian red said...

GB - Oh I do, believe me, even if it's doing nothing. Loathe housework with a passion and as long as no one dies of a notifiable disease things must be OK ? As far as hiring primate staff is concerned I always thought spidermonkeys would be better - lower wages and they can reach the cobwebs more easily ?

Waving - Indeed, escape through books, anything truly important will still be there later !