Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Arms and the Maiden

Yes, I know I am mixing my dramatic references, but after much chewing of my pen I really couldn't think of what else to call this post.

Here, in all its glory, is girlchilds' tattoo

I was given daily updates on the state of healing, tonality and discomfort and did look through squinty eyes (I'm not not good with needles) but now it is fully healed and a sheeny shiny proof of her independance so I was allowed to photograph it. I do like it a lot and was not overly surprised to be told there would be additions to this work of art. Apparently it is going to be surrounded with a garland of roses.

That was when it all went horribly wrong, I still haven't learnt to keep my mouth shut. (after umpty years of colossal faux pas, and an MA in "Teenagers; the inadvertant insulting of a tender lifeform") She did not take kindly to my throw away comment "Gosh, so similar to the painting on a narrow boat then ?" Ooops.

Suggestions as to salvage our relationship would be gratefully received.


justme said...

Oh dear.....but it DOES look like that! Ummmm. Wonder if she will still get the roses now?

Clare said...

It is quite big isn't it! Hope she doesn't regret it. When about 19 best buddy and I popped in to tattoo parlour. She got a little chain of african violets on her bottom. I....... wimped out. Isn't that a terrible thing to do. Her mother still blames me to this very day. Also, bottom at 19 not quite same shape now 41, so it just looks like a bruise really. God love her.

Razorkitty said...

Goodness - now that is a confident tattoo, chosen by what must be a truly confident girl. but, there actually room for a garland of roses?

When I got my navel pierced, what seems like a thousand years ago, many so-called friends took it as a sign that I was going to Hell in a handcart. Ha! Although, thinking about it...........

Anonymous said...

That is a much bigger tat than most girls would get, and as Razorkitty says, shows just how confident your daughter must be. If that's what she wants, good for her!

Titian red said...

Justme - The roses are for definate, at least she may get some money back exhibiting herself as a painted lady (no, joking honest)
Clare - mmm, I do like it(I think), but had to bite lip VERY hard first time I saw it. She is tiny too,so it seems extra large.
RK - If only confidence were genetic. As for your piercing, good for you, although I think I'd rather go to hell in a Ferrari
Pinklea Oh, I so hope she does, too late to change her mind
Thank you all for your comments, a real help for a neurotic Mum.

Anonymous said...

trouble is, you're absolutely right. but that's me speaking as mother of teenagers so not exactly impartial ... or adept at diplomacy