Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thoughtful musings

Wandering around Waitrose in Hull this afternoon (yes, I know, stereotypes are made to be disproved) I came across a man in the homewares aisle quietly and reflectively squeezing 2 of the deep round muffin cases in a silicone muffin tray.
He saw me seeing him, shuffled gently and moved off towards "Laundry Goods".
I am still giggling.

Oh grow up !


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss Waitrose!

There's not much else I miss from the UK but surprisingly I often get a yen for "Mr Kipling's French Fancies". Seriously surprising because I didn't eat them when I lived there!


It doen't help that I daily visit a wonderful blog called French Fancy with a picture of them on it!

Titian red said...

Good morning ! Yes FF is a great blog isn't it ? I am fascinated by the things people miss when they go abroad and often wonder if it is something they expected to, or if it becomes a surprise yearning.
Very glad to see you still here btw, how are you ?