Thursday, 2 April 2009


for the previous grumpiness, one chocolate brownie on and almost all is right with the world (note to self, ring Brown and Obama with this info )
Anyway, I decided to do a post on something that makes me truly happy, still makes me smile just thinking about it and will be with me for the rest of my life. No I haven't gone soppy in my old age, I'm not talking about my children. (They will be gone soon)

I love Pre-Raphaelite art. Discovering Rossettis' decadent women in my early teens, when their anguish and melodrama fitted perfectly with my own sturm und drang, whilst Burne Jones interpretations of myths and legends fulfilled teenage romanticism. So, I went on to do a degree in Art History. The PRB were lush, sensual and their pictures tell stories. The colours sing off the canvas and the details are exquisite. It is a style that is very English, with landscapes we understand and gossip to revel in.

Go and read about what happened to Rossettis' poems, Millais problem with hirsute ladies, relationship triangles, drama, scandal and opprobrium, it is the very best of "Mistresses", rom-com and "Desperate Housewives" with added opulence !

Best of all, have you seen how many are red heads ?!


justme said...

Well, Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I hope it is a wonderful one, filled with all the sparkly nice things you want. Also, am glad the chocolate brownie helped with your mood. Chocolate often does, I find. As to the Red Heads....well,I have ALWAYS wanted red hair! Sadly I am highlighted mouse. Lucky you! Have a great day.

katyboo1 said...

Yes. Happy birthday. All the best people are born at this time of year. Mine is on Thursday!

I too love the Pre Raphaelites. My particular favourite is Burne-Jones. I have a very small and reasonably crap copy of The Beguiling of Merlin which I absolutely love, love, love.

They are glorious.

Cassandra said...

Happy Birthday my dear. As a teenager, I was crazy about the Pre Raphs and envied red heads terribly - I suppose I could have hennaed up, being a mouse, but took the blonde route instead...often wonder about going red even now. I did a dissertation on Christina Rossetti which just about killed me but I still LOVE Goblin Market and many others...which books in particular do you recommend?

Nora Johnson said...

Many happy returns today! As a teenager, I too experimented with henna but decided on the blond route so now more Boris than Titian!(Wonder if those two have ever inhabited the same sentence before?)
Have a great day!

Lucy Fishwife said...

Happy Birthday! have you placed your birthday list in a TACTFUL place where your beloved (s) can easily find it?
Am currently reading "Little Nemo In Slumberland" which is the most glorious odd Art Nouveau precursor to modern graphic novels and FULL of Edwardian post-Pre-Raph (if that's a word/concept) fairy ladies in sparkly frocks and those tiny crowns that look like cupcakes.

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