Sunday, 5 April 2009

Small, warm smile.....

Well, Friday was so much better than I expected, even though it was my 7am start at work. I was told the young had presents planned for later but there were cards and a huge bunch of lilies, (often wonder if I have a BVM complex my love of lilies is so great) Work was ok - other than my boss asking me, as she returned my annual evaluation, if I felt fulfilled there, and had I looked at something that might stretch me ? "not that I want you to leave, no, it's not that at all, no" which did get the paranoia sensors on red alert !

After work I met some friends and we drank coffee and giggled ( an underrated pastime I think) before ambling home to see what had happened in my absence. Both of the offspring are now at home, busy turning time backwards and living nocturnal lives - any activity seems to take place over my bedroom at 3am, one WIIfitting, the other testing computer games with the sound off but so loud the floor shakes. It's killing aliens that does it apparently.
During the night they seem to generate mounds of washing and use innumerable cereal bowls (11 on the draining board just now) and it all rather reminds me of the household Nurse Matilda went to, prior to her arrival.
I decided that it was not worth recriminations and smiled sweetly as I was given a can of gin and tonic flavoured with pink grapefruit, a box of Turkish Delight and the mysterious promise of a surprise tomorrow.........

In the evening a crowd of us went to see "The Boat that Rocked", not in any way cerebral but great fun and the inestimable Bill Nighy on top form, lots of potential singalonga too, so suspect I may treat myself to the soundtrack. Finally on for a drink after the inevitable "well I don't mind", "what about you?", "does anyone want to eat ?", "oh, no, don't go there on a Friday" conversations (every pub, bar and purveyor of alcoholic beverages was packed, couldn't have done falling down drunk even if I had wanted too) I did feel slightly hazy after a pint of Speckled Hen, a half of Riggwelter, and 2 Alabama Slammers. This comes with the warning "Do as I say, not as I do"
All in all, a much better day than last year, and many thanks to all of you for your best wishes !

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