Monday, 6 April 2009

This weeks brain food

special thanks go to LucyFishwife for her recommendation, and Tania Kindersley. Also the V&A, and WHSmiths "buy one get one half price".
OK, I know, not a proper post; revving up for that, but still suffering from post weekenditis. My ability to put words in anything like a coherant sequence seems sadly diminished. Silent One places my struggles to set up twitter and my age as directly responsible. Silent One is now making strange whimpering noises - hah !


Lucy Fishwife said...

Oh hurrah! Dora Damage! A very lovely book, funny, happy, sad - a hint of Moll Flanders, a sniff of Fanny Hill (but not in too overt a way)... and I knew I was right to have a slight crush on the baddy.

justme said...

Did I miss a book I should be buying? Usually I just pop to amazon one click and do.....

Cassandra said...

Excellent. All titles noted. You do have a flair for pretty display, you know.

Nora Johnson said...

Love this week's brain food. Looks as though Silent One got his just des(s)erts...!


A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Oh Sorry, just missed saying Happy Birthday for last Friday. I have another friend whose Birthday is on 3rd April - lovely, a Spring Birthday. I do hope yours was a good one.
PS. Wish I was still 51! M :-)

Millennium Housewife said...

post weekenditis lasts until friday, at which point precisely at 6o'clock you should pour a large drink and hurry on the cure.. MH

Titian red said...

LF - loving DD so much, hints of Moonstone too ?

JMe - Random clicking to see what I get applies in many fields of my life, some results better than others !

C - Thank you for the compliment, I love "arranging", micro rather than macro tidying I suppose

NJ - may turn this into weekly "lazypost", as regards SO I find a withering glance always helps !

Mother - lovely day thank you, post will follow all about cake and parcels and candles and other birthday stuff. Altho sadly no cake.

MH - I like your chronology, as I am off today can I call it midweekend ?

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